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Deadline to Apply for Buddy Program

We are excited to let you know that we are offering our Buddy Program this Spring. In this program, you will be paired up with a SHRM@SJSU Officer who will be your SHRM buddy, and he/she will guide you through the semester. The goal is for you to be more involved with SHRM, and our officer team is dedicated to your development. Once you are matched with an officer, we will be hosting a fun BBQ Buddy Bash or networking event to formally introduce you to your SHRM buddy.

The Buddy Program is the perfect opportunity for you to gain insights into how our student organization operates. If you plan to be an officer next semester, then this will allow you to have a better understanding in the tasks and responsibilities of different SHRM leadership positions. It will not guarantee you admittance on our board, but it will provide you with a realistic job preview and help you narrow down the positions you would be best suited for. To learn more about the officer positions we offer, please visit here.