Do you want to be part of SHRM’s leadership this semester even if you’re not an officer? Do you want your voice to be heard on what ideas and feedback you have for the club? Then join our first ever Involvement Team!

Through this new program, members and officers will meet two to three times a month to discuss current programs and upcoming plans for SHRM. Attending members will be able to share which programs they wish to get involved with, what ideas they have for upcoming club plans, and any feedback they wish to give. The Director of Involvement will represent the ideas and interests of the Involvement team at the next officer meeting.

The involvement team meetings will also be fun, interactive, and a chance to bond. The meetings will be held at the convenience of the members. Surveys will be sent out to find out everyone’s availability for each upcoming meeting, which will then be held at a day/time most convenient for everyone.

Meetings are not mandatory and there is no punishment for missing one. For example, if you can only go to every other meeting, cannot attend any meetings in March, or can only make it to one meeting the entire semester we would still be happy to have you!

All members will be invited to every involvement team meeting, so just sign up whenever you’re interested in stepping up and being more involved in this club.

Sign up for our Involvement Team Kickoff here to learn more and start being a leader in SHRM.

Contact David Poirier for more details!