Suggested Activities


Mentors and Mentees Should Complete at Least Two of the Suggested Activities:

  • Coffee Meeting
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Assist mentee in creating a career vision statement
  • Have mentee shadow a specific meeting or specialized job activity
  • Mock interview - Explain mentee's strengths and weaknesses - common questions
  • Attend department / company staff meeting
  • Meet with other HR professionals
  • Observe the development of a special project such as a training program or curriculum, wellness program, or health fair
  • Observe a day of recruiting

Suggested Guidelines for Mentor/Mentee Meetings


Phone Contact

  • Mentor calls mentee to arrange initial meeting and discuss scheduling
  • Mentee calls mentor to arrange joint attendance at chapter meetings
  • Mentee calls mentor as needed for advice on HR-related course work and career direction

1st Meeting


Discuss your current job responsibilities
Explain how you got into the profession

Discuss the necessary academic and personal preparation needed for your career
Share your feelings on the importance of networking and continued professional development

2nd Meeting

  • Mentee spends a day "shadowing" the mentor during a typical working day

3rd Meeting

  • Discussion of the shadowing experience. Completion of a suggested mentor / mentee activity

4th Meeting

  • Discussion of the mentor experience
  • Discussion of the value of additional meetings or contact
  • Completion of a suggested mentor/ mentee activity

Applying for the SHRM at SJSU Mentor Program:


Step 1: Read Mentor Program Guidelines

Step 2: Fill out the Application for Mentor Program

Step 3: Submit completed application to