Even though I started the program midway, I already gained so much from it. My mentor, Olga, is very nice and willing to work on anything I want. Olga is using her 25 years experience in HR to help me with my resume, cover letter, and job search. I was lucky to be in the mentorship program and in a short time I learned valuable things.


The SHRM mentor experience was a great way for me to get some insight on the professional business HR world. John Drexler was a remarkable mentor who constantly challenged me to grasp HR concepts and understand how I can be successful in the business world. I am thankful for this experience and gained a lot of knowledge on how to pursue my future aspirations!


"I have learned so much from my mentor by participating in the SHRM Mentorship Program. I am so glad SHRM offers this, and it's really a great opportunity to learn new things, connect with great people, and develop a strong relationship with an established business professional. Throughout the 6 week program, I met up with my mentor every week for an hour and a half. Not only did he take his time out to mentor me in person, but we would also have hour phone calls. He shared and taught me new things from his own experiences, and taught me valuable lessons that I could not have learned in my classes. He also helped me out by giving me helpful advice with the different situations I was going through with my current HR internship. Every week he would give me different assignments to work on too, which helped me with my career growth and development. I really enjoyed learning and working with my mentor, and I could not have asked for a better mentor! I would definitely advise SHRM members to participate in the Mentorship Program."


"This was my first time in the mentoring program, and I initially did not know what to expect. Overall, I had a wonderful time and here are some of my tips. Once you are connected to an amazing mentor, you should identify some goals that you have, and your mentor can provide you with the resources and connections to achieve those goals. In my experience, I shared with my mentors the HR functions that I am interested in, and she connected me with several of her colleagues. From there, I conducted informational interviews to know more about the field and general career advices. All of these insights helped me tremendously in defining a clearer career path."


"My mentor's insights on her academic and work career were beneficial. She gave me advice on professors and scheduling classes. She also gave me advice on time management and she shared  her eagerness when she first applied for internships, while taking lower division classes, which made me feel better because she had difficulties landing an internship at that time. She was very responsive through text messages, when I asked her advice on an interview. She also critiqued my resume."


"This experience has opened my eyes to the world of recruiting. I have always been interested in obtaining a job in HR, but never knew what function I would fit best in. After being linked up with a mentor in the technical recruiting field, I was able to acknowledge how my skills and capabilities would align with those in recruiting careers. My mentor was like a big brother for me in my professional career. Not only did I gain a mentor, but a friend and confidant who can help me with future things such as resume and interview advice!"


"The mentor experience has been very helpful. I received really great information and advice from my mentor. She was able to give me insight about the HR field that I had not learned in class before. It was worth participating in because it gave me some direction in what aspect of HR I want to pursue. It was also exciting to go visit her office and see what she does firsthand."